Grand Final Technologies Australia (GFT) is a proudly Indigenous owned proprietary limited company headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.  Founded in 2016 through a joint venture with GFT International Pty Ltd (ABN 78602523017) GFT’s mission is to improve our customer’s quality of life through innovative and traditional core strengthening technology, systems and devices.

Community Statement

GFT believes that having “meaningful employment” is the backbone of a successful society and as such our community commitment is to the first and current Australians.  GFT’s community goal is to improve the quality of life for Indigenous & non-Indigenous Australians by implementing employment programs and activities, such as our Career Pathway Program and Player/Athlete Welfare Initiative, by targeting Indigenous & non-Indigenous training and educational organisations.

We make available discounts, scholarships, loans, incentives, joint ventures, and sponsorship opportunities to qualifying individuals and groups.

Green, Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing

We make products intended to promote health, wellness and an overall better quality of life.  So, it only makes sense that how our products are made is as important to us as how they are used once in your hands.  GFT is committed to the use of renewable resources, recycling, the elimination of toxins that harm the environment, and minimalist packaging.

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