Player / Athlete Welfare Initiative

Leading sporting organisations have identified the significant benefits to their athletes and players who partake in paid part-time employment separate from their sport.  Currently in Australia, one such organisation is the National Rugby League U20’s. Their competition states that all players must be either in paid employment or study – “learning or earning” is their directive.

Many aspiring athletes forgo career and employment opportunities to follow their dream of being a professional sportsperson.  However most sports coaches and administrators agree that players who have meaningful employment, in addition to their sports career, perform better on the field as a result of this employment.

The responsibility placed on the player, while they maintain meaningful employment, improves their self-discipline in other areas of their life, such as financial control, managing deliverables, and understanding team dynamics.  Other benefits include improved self-confidence, provide work life balance opportunities and most importantly helps facilitate a smooth transition to their post-sporting career.

The reality for professional sports men and women is that their careers are delicately balanced with a limited amount of time to succeed.  Unqualified and unemployed athletes place undue stress on themselves and team members and this can manifest itself in destructive behaviour patterns such as substance abuse (alcohol, pre- and non-prescribed drugs) and high-risk actions (anti-social, assaults, self-harm).

How We Can Help

The Player / Athlete Welfare Initiative is a program where GFT works with sporting clubs and associations to provide employment opportunities for their players or athletes as core strength and conditioning trainers.  We guarantee that players can earn up to $32.5k per year working 7.5hrs to 10hrs per week – that’s 2 clients per day, as a Certified Pelleres Base Trainer.

We assist in certifying, accrediting, and registering your club players as Certified Pelleres Base Trainers.  The club markets to their members through existing platforms e.g. newsletters, social media, website and acts as a “lead generator”.  Furthermore, the club can act as a reseller for GFT products and receive a further commission on sales.

GFT provides all the resources and personnel, our education partner The College of Health & Fitness is nationally accredited as an RTO.  Our courses are industry recognised by Fitness Australia Association, Physical Activities Australia, and Registered Exercise Professionals of New Zealand.

Not only will the players receive an internationally recognised qualification they will significantly improve their physical condition by delivering the program.

We offer sponsorship, payment plans, joint venture arrangements for players and clubs.

Getting Started

There are very low set up costs, all that is required is a willingness from the player/s and the club to make the Initiative a success.

If you are a club administrator or coach interested in discussing our program contact us here.

If you are a player or athlete and want to be involved the contact us here.

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