The Benefits Of Walking

More people on the planet walk for exercise than any other activity.  Walking is the most popular exercise undertaken.  It’s free, easy to do, and has many benefits. One of the biggest problems with walking is that there isn’t enough overload to improve muscle strength – Pelleres solves that problem.  By positioning weight along the […]

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What is Core Strength

By Mepi Faoagali Track & Field Coach Inventor of Pelleres & Founder Grand Final Technologies If you were to ask 10 exercise practitioners what “core strength” is how many different answers do you think you would get? 1, 2, 5 … could be 11. One of the “problems” in our coaching industry (or as they […]

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PBT Case Study: Susan Williamson*

*name changed for privacy. I’m a thirty something woman who is employed as a senior public servant, I like to keep an active life which is a challenge as I was born with the medical condition cerebral palsy. This has not held me back as for most of life life have been able to participate […]

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PBT Case Study: Kaz Landry

I am a mother to a 6 year old daughter and love keeping fit and active.  I started running after my daughter was born, I used to cycle but I wanted an activity we could do together – I used to run and push her in her pram.  I started doing Park Run about 4 […]

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PBT Case Study: Jack Conway

Track and Field: Hurdles Age Group State Champion Open State Champion National Open Top 3 Ranked Oceania Games Gold Medalist Asia Grand Prix National Representative I have been hurdling for about 9 years.  I initially got involved in the sport while I was at high school.  My coach thought I had some talent so I […]

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PBT Case Study: Nick Schafer

Swimming Australian Youth Olympic Gold Medallist U18 Age Group National Record Holder Australian National Champion Open State Champion World Uni Games Representative. I’ve been swimming for 12 years and started when my family moved to Bundaberg, I began with lessons and improved rapidly thoroughly enjoying it.  At the time I was inspired by Ian Thorpe […]

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PBT Case Study: Lauren Rettie

Swimming National Representative – World Junior Titles National Age Champion State Age Champion I have been swimming since I was 8 years old, I started at school and discovered it was lot’s of fun.  I like being active and the daily demands of training are beneficial in other areas of my life.  Although it’s an […]

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PBT Case Study: Jordan Munro

Track and Field; Hurdles Regional Champion State Champion School 
State Champion Age-Group National Age-Group Medalist I’ve been a track and field athlete for around 10 years.  I got involved in the sport at school, I had some natural ability and enjoyed running fast, it’s a great adrenaline rush. Core strength is important as lays the […]

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Pelleres – A Coaches Perspective

With over 20 years tennis coaching experience including being named 2014 Coach of the Year read Dom’s story of how Pelleres has given his players a true competitive edge. If you’re not learning every day you’re going backwards. Tennis coaches are great at coaching tennis, it’s a specialised sport with specialised coaches and lot of […]

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No Contract Offer So I Tried Something Different …

Zac was playing in the U23 division of the national football (soccer) competition when 3 months from the end of the season he was told by his coaches that he wasn’t going to get a contract because he wasn’t fast enough off the mark. Undeterred Zac knew that he had to do something. At the […]

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